Joe Tiller’s replacement

According to, Purdue will announce today that Joe Tiller will be replaced by Danny Hope (of Eastern Kentucky) following the 2008 college football season.

Hope went 9-3 with EKU last year, and won the Ohio Valley Conference with his team, going undefeated in conference play.  He’s 35-22 in his five seasons with EKU and has never had a losing season.

From what I gather, he’ll spend this next season under the tutelage of Joe Tiller, who will step down after that.  Purdue is essentially repeating what they did with Gene Keady’s replacement by having him work for the outgoing coach for a year in the hope of ensuring continuity.

I like fresh blood; I like this move.  I hope that Danny Hope (ha) comes in with a sense of urgency, and a desire to make Purdue competitive in the Big 10 again.  There is no reason that Purdue should not be able to at least compete with Michigan and Ohio State.  I realize that we’ll never be a football factory like either of those schools, but we should be good enough to play with them, instead of getting housed by them all the time.

So, Regime Change at Purdue is going to happen, I just have to wait out another year of Tiller.