Divisional Playoff Round predictions

It’s time to predict the big winners and big losers of the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs.  First, let us revisit my picks from the Wild Card round.

In the Wild Card round, I picked the Bucs (wrong), the Redskins (wrong), the Jaguars (right), and the Chargers (right).

I really didn’t think that the Giants would come to play like they did, and frankly after the first quarter I was really thinking that my pick would be justified.  Oh well.  Since some of the match ups have changed from my original picks, now it’s on to the picks!


Seahawks at Packers: Bucking the experts here, I’m picking the Seahawks.  They’ve been playing well, and if their defense can get to Favre, they’ll cause big problems for the Packers.  I think that the Shawn Alexander/Morris combo at RB is going to have a great day; and the Seahawks will avenge that OT playoff loss with a 24-20 win.

Giants at Cowboys: A lot of people are picking the Giants to win this one, in part because the last time the Giants lost a road game was…at Dallas in week 1.  I will admit that the Giants have been playing well the last few weeks, and that Eli has looked pretty good.  That being said, they’re not going to beat the thrice-damned Cowboys.  Tony Romo gets his business together and the (spit) Cowboys win handily, 30-10.


Jags at Pats: I’m not changing my pick.  I think the Pats win this one, but I think it’s a close game.  The Jags are hungry, and will make the Patriots work for this win.

Chargers at Colts: Do you think I’d pick against the Colts here?  No way.  Without Antonio Gates, the Chargers get as one-dimensional as you can call a team with LT.  I think that Bob Sanders spends a lot of personal time knocking the crap out of LT, and the Colts win.  28-17.

Last week I went 50/50 on a split, so we’ll see how I do this week.


  1. I suspect you’re right about all except the Seahawks. The last time a Seahawks team won a road playoff game was in 1984, and I just don’t think that this year, in Lambeau Field in January, is going to be any different.

    But then again, picking a Seattle team, ANY Seattle team, to choke in the big game is usually a safe bet. Come on, 2008 Mariners, prove me wrong here.

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    Or are those text ads from your sponsors? 🙂

  3. I can see them on Lynx.

    I do remember hearing something about “mass site hacking”. I think they are SQL injections or something.

  4. Yeah, what the shit. I’m not too tech savy, so now I’m going to have to get rid of them.

    I guess it’ll have to wait until I have some free time.

  5. Sorry, gotta root for the Packers, otherwise the wife will kick my butt. As for any other division, I hope the Patriots do with, so they can play against the Packers in the Superbowl. Then again what do I know, I might watch three games a year, all Green Bay.

  6. Yeah… I’m gonna have to agree with Shadowcaster here. I think you’re right on, ‘cept for the Hawks vs/ the Pack.

    Favre want’s another win; and if it’s against the Patriots he wants it even more. Whether the packers win or lose on a given day really depends on the performance Favre puts in, and this is one motivated cat.

    He’s had to listen to his own (admittedly mediocre) performance over the past four seasons get panned; while Brady is talked up as a wonder boy.

    I’ll tell you this, and I’m saying it as a diehard patriots fan: Favre IS the best full career quarterback of all time. He holds every major career QB record, and has started every single game since September of 1992. There are certainly quarterbacks who’ve had better years, and better streaks, but no-one has ever managed a 17 season record like Favre.

    For a man with a record like that to hear himself and his performance dismissed… Well you can tell this year was his response.

    I just don’t see the seahawks beating that man, with that team behind him.

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