A step in the right direction

The Maricopa County Community College District might allow its police officers to carry guns on campus in the coming months.

The district’s governing board is scheduled to vote tonight on a firearms policy to comply with a new state law that protects officers’ right to bear arms on public property.
The policy details when the officers can use their weapons and how to respond if someone is seriously hurt, or killed, when they do use their guns.
MCCCD is the only major higher education institution in Arizona that doesn’t allow its officers to carry guns.

A small, tiny step in the right direction, but a step nonetheless.  Arizona has good carry laws; I would support a push to allow college students with valid CCW permits to carry on campus.


  1. Interesting. I had always assumed that the police at Scottsdale Community College were not armed because it was on the Salt River Reservation

  2. I am never in favor of special privileges. The more the ‘special’ people have to abide the same circumstances we do, the more they will opt to campaign for universal rights.

    Immunity from reality does not make the immune one likely to empathize with the non-immune.

  3. It’s not really a “special privilege”; these guys are cops and should be carrying firearms. Do I want students with CCW permits to be able to carry as well? Certainly, but I don’t want the cops to be unarmed either.

  4. That is where we differ. I want them to abide the same laws I must. If they are exempt then those are “special” considerations, by their very definitions.

    Should cops be carrying firearms? Of course. Should citizens of legal majority be carrying firearms if they so desire? Of course.

    Human nature being what it is and cops still being human, most of them could give a rat’s ass what the law deprives you of if it does not affect them personally. Just like most non-cops.

    The only way to be sure your rights are supported is if everybody is equally affected by the laws and/or regulations.

    Why is that so hard for people to understand. If we erect special perks for a segment of the population we have created an elite that will soon start to act like it. The proof is all around you that this has happened. Huh uh! Not for me.

    Same rules for everybody causes a commonality of interests in liberty and civil rights. Lack of consistency creates a schism that pits one segment of society against, that’s right, against another. Do we really want our law enforcement people arrayed against us philosophically? Do we really want to be forced into being against them? Because that is the ultimate destination of policies that grant special privileges or recognizes rights for some but deny them to others.

    This ain’t rocket science.

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