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I’ll be on BBC radio this afternoon, sometime in between 1 and 2pm Eastern time. The program is World Have your Say, and we’ll be discussing the Shirley Katz case.

There is a chance that they won’t be able to get to me on the air because they have several respondents lined up for this. The BBC website has the details on where you can listen.

All kinds of update: I hadn’t originally realized that the format would be asking questions directly to Shirley – once I found this out I removed myself from participation. Since I’ve already interviewed her personally, I don’t feel like I’d have anything original to contribute to the conversation beyond the scope of what I’ve personally written here. Sorry to disappoint anyone who was looking forward to hearing me.

I am listening, and I’ve been impressed with what I’ve heard from her so far.

I would love for a school teacher from Israel to call in and talk about how the vast majority of them carry firearms to school as a matter of policy.

I’m actually having a fascinating time listening to this – the moderators from the Beeb are running things with an fairly even hand.

They just had John Lott on; I’m glad for that. A definite expert, and more qualified than I to address this issue.

I thought Shirley did a tremendous job of addressing a lot of the questions asked of her; while I doubt that she’s going to change any hardcore anti-gun minds, she did an excellent job of making her point concisely.

I still wish that an Israeli teacher would call in, though.


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