Not Airsoft Hysteria

Reasonable advice on how to deal with air/pellet/bb guns.

“You take every firearm as a firearm. You don’t differentiate cause what they look like,” Vice-President of South Dakota Shooting Sports Charles Summers said.

That’s absolutely correct; the four rules of gun safety always apply, even if you’re only dealing with an Airsoft gun, or a Gamo pellet rifle.  You never point a gun, BB or otherwise at another person, and especially not a cop.

BB guns, Airsoft guns, and pellet guns are not toys, and should be handled with the same respect and care that you’d give to an actual firearm.  While they may not have as much destructive potential; they do posses the ability to cause harm or worse yet, to be mistaken for a real firearm and get someone killed.

As Christmas approaches, lots of well-meaning parents will probably purchase their child a pellet rifle, or a BB gun for Christmas.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and I strongly encourage parents to do so, but with the caveat that if you must teach your child safe gun handling habits.  I will be the first person to tell you that firearms are dangerous if handled unsafely – take the time to teach your children about safe gun handling when they’re young.


  1. Xavier had a post about a kid whose parents bought him a paintball gun.

    He promptly shot his eye out.

    Seriously out, as in now he’s blind in one eye.

    The picture from the paper that reported is showed him holding the paintball gun with his finger on the trigger.

    Xaviers comments were similar to yours.

    I’ll see if I can dig it up and post a link here.

    Cautionary tales.

  2. I want to know why they news article kept refering to pellet guns and airsoft as ‘firearms.’

  3. I just bought Adam a plastic gun that “shoots” plastic pellets at a velocity that resembles a falling leaf.

    I promise to post for you because I saved the packaging.

    The disclaimers for the orange plastic gun sent me into fits of giggles.

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