1. Be prepared for a steep price on the first few runs, I would wager. This is completely new technology, and those always suck the first few times around. Once they get production off the ground and start branching it farther into other platforms, though, wide-spread adoption will pick up, and prices will hopefully decrease.

    That said, I will probably be right behind you ;).

  2. I seen this on Descovery Channel, Future Weapons. It looks interesting, but not sure if I would want one. I rather have something simple in the same caliber. Say like if Keltec made one.

  3. Bah! Make it a carbine and its elegance is destroyed. I’ve never been a fan of pistol caliber carbines. I would buy the submachine gun version if I could. Not too interested in a semi-auto carbine.

  4. As I have stated in the past, I luuuuuuuurve pistol caliber carbines. They are my favorite long arm, despite the fact that I “know” that a rifle is better.

  5. I suspect pistol carbines are only considered bad when they are too expensive.

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