Cap is back!

And he’s packing a rod!  Thanks to Unc for pointing out the article in the Washington Times.

Apparently, it’s a new Captain, and not Steve Rodgers in the suit; I’m actually quite okay with that.  I also like the gun, I think it’s true to the spirit of the character, especially if you read the old WWII.

And, for you devotees of John Moses Browning, it appears that Captain America’s handgun is a 1911A1; so rejoice fanboys, your anointed pistol is in the hands of America’s Greatest Hero.

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  1. It’s gotta be Bucky. He’s got the shield, he’s got the mask, and there’s nobody in the Marvel universe more qualified. Not to mention he’s been known to use firearms, which helps compensate for the fact that he doesn’t have any powers. Anyway, it’s nice that they decided to let Steve finally rest in peace.

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