More college foolishness

While cruising my Google Alerts this morning, I found (another) editorial written by a college kid that was full of PSH, misinformation, and just plain silliness.  I was going to write a post today which conducted a thorough fisking of said editorial, but I’ve since changed my mind.  In some ways, I’m tired of tearing apart the exact same argument over, and over, and over again.  It gets rather repetitive when the other side hasn’t come up with any new rhetoric in the last 15 years.

However, I did want to single out one silly statement in the editorial so I could address it.  Despite the fact that the author takes the required anti-gun shots at the NRA, “gun culture” and even tosses in some “Europe is better than us”; I’m going to mostly ignore that stuff and address this quote:

And if you only need a gun for protection, there is no need for purchasing bullets all the time, since the gun would just be sitting underneath your bed, waiting for a possible intruder to enter your home.

This was her rational for enacting “Chris Rock Gun Control”.  If you’re not familiar, the comedian once humorously advocated pricing ammo at $5,000 a bullet – the author thinks this sort of thing is a good idea, after all, it’s not like anyone buys a lot of bullets since they only need guns for protection.

That’s what I want to address.  You see, Ms. Aleksandra Wojtalewicz (if you’re going to email her, be nice) has no idea why people would own guns.  She thinks that the only reason that people own guns is for hunting, which she doesn’t like, and for “protection”, which she doesn’t really like either.

It never occurs to her that a lot of gun owners own guns because they like them.  Just a guy who loves cars buys a ’67 Mustang, there are people who (gasp) collect guns.  Sort of like baseball cards, but heavier and more expensive.

The concept of recreational target shooting doesn’t really enter her sphere of thought, despite the fact that the shooting sports enjoy more participants in North America than baseball, football, and basketball.  No, Ms. Wojtalewicz doesn’t understand that – but that’s not really a surprise, as her bias was displayed quite openly in the beginning of the article.

A couple weeks ago, my boyfriend told me something that nearly brought me to tears.

“I bought a gun,” he said.

I suppose that I should have just read that, and skipped on to the next article.


  1. My Wife wouldn’t speak to me the day I brought my 1911 home from the shop. She was OK with the fact that her Dad had given me her Grandfather’s old varmint gun (in .257 Roberts) but a handgun was just horrifying to her.

    Fastforward a few years, we’re heading out to shoot some sporting clays on Sunday, and she’s planning on going for her CCW permit.and enjoys talking about how she prefers wheel-guns to semi-auto handguns.

    If Mr. Boyfriend cares as much about the 2A as we do, he might be able to bring her around.

  2. Wow, some spammer registered the domain “” and is using it to create trackback spam on gun blogs. I saw a bunch of these in other comments on other sites.

  3. Stumbled across this site looking for the latest on Shirley Katz. Dig it. Pardon my ignorance, but what does PSH stand for?

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