Fred Thompson and Guns

Fred Thompson starts advertising at Florida gun shows.

Fred Thompson’s presidential campaign has hit a conservative bull’s eye: The exclusive rights to advertise at some of Florida’s largest gun shows.

Pasco County Republican chairman Bill Bunting said he has engineered the deal for the former Tennessee senator and Law & Order star because he’s the best person to trust when it comes to the right to buy, sell and own guns.

I know that a lot of people were kind of “eh” about Fred, especially after it took him so long to actually declare that he was going to run.  I think a lot more people are concerned that he’s just talking the talk; we’ve seen too many Rudys, Romneys, and McCains to really trust that he actually cares about the 2nd Amendment.

That being said, I do agree with the article that this is a strong move for Thompson.  Getting out there into the pro-gun community really helps his “street cred” in the Republican camp.

I am still cautiously optimistic about Fred Thompson, my biggest concern is that he’s not committed to endure the truly awful campaign that is yet to come.  Honestly, if you don’t think that this next presidential campaign is going to be full of vitriol, mudslinging, and all around horrible behavior; you must have been living in a cave or something for the last four years.

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