A new gun blog

Outdoor Life has a new gun blog up at their website, the new blog is called The Gun Shots.  Since I’ve come to the conclusion that reaching out to hunters who may not be “pro-RKBA” is going to be a top priority of mine, I am thrilled to see this new blog over there.

What makes me happier is that Michael Bane is one of the co-authors.  Whether or not you like Michael (or his silly little earring), you can’t deny that he is definitely pro-2A, and very much interested in the fight to preserve our rights.  Plus, in his “author” picture on The Gun Shots, he’s holding an AR-15.  Awesome.

Right now, the Gun Shots has but the one post up, but we’re hopefully going to see more soon.  Since I keep meaning to get into hunting, I’ll be checking in frequently.