September E-Postal Match: Safari

E-Postal Update: The deadline for entries has been extended to 10pm Eastern Time, Sunday October 7th.

Ah, fall. As the air slowly turns crisp and cool (although not in Indiana wtf 92 degrees?), my thoughts slowly turn to my ever present dream of visiting Africa, taking in the majesty of its unspoilt plains, wide open spaces; and of course taking the time to blow some of its wildlife directly into the arms of God.

With that in mind, I present September’s E-Postal Match, aptly titled “Safari”. This match will require both a .22 rifle and a pistol (centerfire or rimfire), and there are two stages to the match.

Stage 1

Rhino Target

Print two of the above targets, and place them side-by-side at 20 yards or 50 feet, whichever is available. With a .22 caliber rifle (.22 Short, LR, or Magnum – no centerfire .22s) fire five shots at the left target, and then five shots at the right target, for a total of ten shots with the rifle. All shots must be fired from the standing position, no use of rests, supports, or slings allowed.

Stage 2

Rhino Target 2

Print two of the above targets and place them side by side at 10 yards or 25 feet, whichever is available. With a rimfire or centerfire pistol, fire two shots at each bullseye (two per rhino). That should give you a total of ten shots per paper, with a grand total of 20 shots with a handgun. All shots are to be fired from whichever standing position you find most comfortable, one hand, two hand, just no rests allowed.

Edit for clarity: When firing at the pistol target, it doesn’t matter which order you fire your shots in. Just make sure it’s two per rhino at all ten rhinos on both sheets.


The course totals ten shots with a .22 rimfire rifle, fired from a standing position; 20 shots fired offhand with a pistol. Course total is 30 shots.


The red dot in the center of the target will be scored as a 5, the white ring (and middle red line) will be scored as a 4, the outermost white area (and outer red ring) are scored as a 3. Shots that hit the paper but not inside the rings are scored as a zero. The maximum score for this event is 150 points. In the event of a tie, the highest score on the rifle target will be used to break the tie.


Since this match mandates the use of a rimfire rifle for all entries, the classes are slightly different.

Class One – Rifle w/optics, rimfire pistol w/optics.

Class Two – Rifle no optics, rimfire pistol w/optics

Class Three – Rifle w/optics, rimfire pistol no optics.

Class Four – Rifle no optics, rimfire pistol no optics.

Class Five – Rifle w/optics, centerfire pistol w/optics

Class Six – Rifle no optics, centerfire pistol w/optics.

Class Seven – Rifle w/optics, centerfire no optics.

Class Eight – Rifle no optics, centerfire no optics.

A total of eight class for you get to get your gun on.

Email all entries to me at admiralahab (at) gmail (dot) com before Sunday, October 7th at 5pm. Include “E-Postal Match: Safari” as the subject line of the email.

Happy shooting!


  1. Would that printable target be the first Rhino one on this page?

    And when you say “fire two shots at each bullseye (two per rhino)” equaling 10 per paper…do you mean “two shots left, two shots right, two shots again left, two shots right again and so on until it equals 20 shots in total (10 each)?

    Forgive my ignorance, I’m a newb and haven’t shot competitively so far, hence I don’t know the basics yet.
    I’m getting there!!
    Mostly I train defensively, but that’s for personal protection. I’m just developing an interest in the “fun side”.
    Help me dang it!! lol!

  2. I updated the post for the sake of clarity – basically it doesn’t matter what order you fire the pistol targets in, as long as it’s two per rhino for both pieces of paper. Just shoot in the order that seems natural to you.

  3. Gotcha. So then from the target for stage 1 is the first rhino target (with ONE rhino), and the stage 2 would be the third one (with FIVE rhinos)?
    Or something different?
    P.S. Are you *in* Indiana? Because it really IS stinkin’ hot here! And more rain starting tomorrow for the next three days at least… friggen mosquito haven! Ugh!

  4. For Stage 1, use two of the “1-Rhino” targets, fire five shots at each target for a total of ten shots.

    For stage 2, use two of the “5-Rhino” targets, firing 2 shots at each rhino, which comes out to 10 shots per piece of paper, and 20 shots total on stage two.

    The combined round count for stage one and two should be a total of 30 rounds.

  5. I can’t help but find it funny how the ram silhouette on that page also shows the outline of its “junk”.

  6. LOL!!!

    Hey, by the way…
    what’s the best paper to print these on? I’m guessing plain ol’ printer paper might not be the best because it’s a lot thinner than the NRA targets from the range.

  7. I think we have reached a teachable moment. The class delineations offer separate classes for Rimfire pistol and Centerfire pistol. Since a previous requirement specifies “This match will require both a .22 rifle and a pistol (centerfire or rimfire)”. I’m trying to come up with a centerfire .22 pistol and failing. I posed the question of my fiendly local FFL and he threw up his shoulders as well.

    Obviously you have something in mind that fits the class. Educate me!


  8. When I read that, I just assumed it meant 1911 with conversion kits were acceptable. But you know what they say about “assuming”…

  9. It means that you have to use a rimfire rifle for stage 1, and a pistol of any caliber, rimfire or centerfire, for stage two.

    So the sentence “This match will require both a .22 rifle and a pistol (centerfire or rimfire)” could have been written as “This match will require a .22 rimfire rifle and a pistol in any caliber”.

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