Kydex holsters

Sebastian had another kydex holster bite the dirt recently. I have a serious love/hate relationship with kydex rigs; on the one hand I hate and loathe things that are not beautiful leather, on the other hand I appreciate the rugged functionality of the plastic rigs.

When I carry the P22, I often carry in a kydex rig, just because it’s so easy, and the Walther just looks right in my little plastic holster.

Oh, one more thing. Carrying revolvers in kydex is HERESY.



  1. I have grown to love Kydex (GOOD Kydex, that is… Fobus need not apply).

    My old rule used to be: IWB = Kydex, OWB = leather.

    Then I got a Comp-Tac paddle for my 1911…..

    I guess it’s more of a guideline, really.

    Seriously, though, Comp-Tac and BladeTech could end up being more dangerous to my financial well-being than my Brownell’s discount.

  2. “Carrying revolvers in kydex is HERESY.”

    No problem for me. Wouldn’t have a revolver to begin with. Only wimps and Coasties [redundancy alert!] use ’em.

  3. Oops…last line filtered out because it was HTML-ish. This should make it through this time:

    [ ducks and runs for cover ]

  4. I hate plastic! It’s the last holdout for not getting a Glock.
    I wouldn’t think of holstering my Kimber in anything but leather, nor my wimpish revolver :p
    Gotta ask…
    Carrying IWB, (which is my preferred method) isn’t a plastic holster incredibly cold against your skin in winter? And doesn’t it really make you sweat more in summer? Inquiring minds and all that.

  5. A problem with leather holsters when combined with a leather belt is that they tend to creak like an old saddle when you move. This is a problem when you’re carrying concealed. My Blade-Tech holster doesn’t.

  6. Creak when you move? Never had that problem…but maybe it’s because I carry IWB, so the only thing really touching the belt much is the clip. Hmm… dunno?

  7. My Springfield Micro-Compact goes in a beautiful leather Don Hume IWB (with thumbreak, because I’m teh noob when it comes to carry) clip-on, with matching clip-on magazine carrier on t’other side.

    How does the Kydex stand up to really severe cold? Here in Minnesnowta, even if you’re carrying under the jacket, the holster of an OWB gun is going to get cold. Does Kydex crack (more) readily at -20F?

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