Bra stops bullet

Sort of. According to the story in the Miami Herald , a woman who was hit by what was presumably celebratory gunfire had the bullet’s progress slowed significantly by her bra-strap.

Well, bully for her. According to the story, the round had only penetrated half of its overall length into her skin, the rest sticking out the back of her bra. If the round had that little energy left, even if she hadn’t been wearing a bra the .45 bullet most likely wouldn’t have had the energy to do any more significant damage to her. It’s much more likely that although the bra slowed the bullet down, the elasticity of her skin is what dispersed most of the projectile’s energy.

Secondly, and pardon me if I shout but GUNS AND ALCOHOL DO NOT MIX. CELEBRATORY GUNFIRE IS BAD, BECAUSE FUCKING BULLETS COME DOWN AND HURT PEOPLE. The Mythbusters did an episode where they demonstrated that a round that is fired straight up won’t have the power to kill someone as it comes down, which is great and all; but celebratory gunfire is rarely fired straight into the air. It’s usually fired at an angle, which means the bullet comes down a lot faster than if it had been fired straight up.

The moral of the story is don’t shoot fucking guns into the air. Seriously, that’s the sort of behavior that makes law abiding gun owners look bad.