Totalitarianism, brought to you by Roman Catholics!

Now, I’m not a particularly big fan of the Catholic Church (or most organized religion, but that’s another post), so you can imagine how this little gem from CNN tickled my funny bone.

The short version of the article is that it has come to light that the current Archbishop of Poland collaborated with the communist secret police during the time that Poland was under the Iron Curtain. Because nothing says “Spread the love of Christ” better than informing on people so they can go to the gulag.

The downside of this is that it represents something of a scandal for the current pope, Benedict; which is too bad because I kind of like him. Of course, the Archbishop has resigned his post, while his supporters are claiming that there is a “vendetta” against him.

Vendetta? He spied for the communist secret police! That’s not a vendetta, it’s justice. One wonders if he ever violate the “sanctity” of confession. It’s rather awful, when a religious leader, in a position of trust and authority abuses his position with respect to his parishioners.