The Top 10 Movie Gunfights

Aftear months of exhaustive research I have finally coallated the ultimate list of gunfights in film!

10. Mr. & Mrs. Smith – Domestic disturbance
9. Quigley Down Under – Duel with Marsden
8. Tombstone – Gunfight at the OK Corral
7. LA Confidential – Victory Motel
6. Untouchables – Train station
5. The Wild Bunch – We want Angel
4. John Wick 2 – The Catacombs
3. Band of Brothers – Brecourt Manor
2. Heat – The Bank Robbery
1. Way of the Gun – Mexican whorehouse

Archer returns to TV March 31st

To announce the seventh season of Archer, the crew at FX put together the best promo video ever. We love Archer here at Gun Nuts, and you know what else we love? Magnum PI. This is amazing.

If you’d like to have some fun, check out the Guns of Archer from the March 2015 issue of GunUp the Magazine.