The Top 10 Movie Gunfights

Aftear months of exhaustive research I have finally coallated the ultimate list of gunfights in film!

10. Mr. & Mrs. Smith – Domestic disturbance
9. Quigley Down Under – Duel with Marsden
8. Tombstone – Gunfight at the OK Corral
7. LA Confidential – Victory Motel
6. Untouchables – Train station
5. The Wild Bunch – We want Angel
4. John Wick 2 – The Catacombs
3. Band of Brothers – Brecourt Manor
2. Heat – The Bank Robbery
1. Way of the Gun – Mexican whorehouse


  1. Sorry, the “Mexican Whorehouse” best shootout should go to “Rolling Thunder” . William Devane and Tommy Lee Jones.

  2. Did you see Silverado? Rented that and Quigley with my dad and watched them both about 5 timed…they were fantastic. Back when a 7-day VHS rental was a thing.

  3. No place for a little humor? The well-stocked well-stocked bunker with Michael Gross and Reba McEntire, “Burt and Heather Gummer” in the original Tremors? (1990). The Carnival Booth stand-off with Woody Harrelson, “Tallahassee” in Zombieland? (2009).

  4. Pretty good job overal. But… How about the hotel shoot out in the original 48 Hours…?

  5. Mr. & Mrs. Smith is the only movie on the the list I’ve seen, so no opinion on which is the best.
    No “a” at the beginning of “collated”.

  6. The alleyway in ”’Collateral” beats the chaos of Mr & Mrs Smith for me.

  7. Not even the tiniest bit realistic but I always loved the cantina gunfight in Desperado when Steve Buscemi is recounting the story of El Mariachi to Cheech Marin. The Bad Boys 2 opening car chase/ gun battle with the jamaican gang was fun as well.

  8. For Band of Brothers, episode 7 had a much better fight. The best scene is where Lt. Dike froze up, was relieved of E Company command, and Speirs sent in to lead the attack. In trying to communicate with I Company, Speirs broke the E Company line, ran across the German position, and linked up with I Company to relay orders. Then, if that weren’t enough, he went over the berm again and ran back through the Germans to E Company to lead them into the attack.

    Best Band of Brothers scene ever!

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