2018 Steel Challenge Results

The 2018 Steel Challenge World Championship is officially in the books, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that a cast of familiar faces has once again dominated the leaderboard. The Top 3 in Open are all previous champions, finishing 1st-3rd in this order: KC Eusebio, BJ Norris, Max Michel.

For the Limited Division, BJ Norris won again, and I should point out shot a time with his iron sighted gun that was good enough for 4th overall. 5th overall was the Carry Optics champion, Sig Sauer sponsored shooter Max Michel. BJ also won Production and Single Stack, so he had a very busy weekend of junking people on the Steel Challenge range. Jessie Duff also spent the weekend beating up on the women, easily smashing everyone in her path to her 1,000,000th Ladies Category title.

Some people shot rifles at the event which is weird, but hey whatever. KC Eusebio also won the PCC Optics division, and some guy you’ve never heard of who I’m sure is a really nice dude named Ron Oliver won the PCC Iron Sight division, which I really didn’t even know was a thing until I started writing this. Huh. Oh, KC also won the rimfire division, which is still definitely a thing even though SC basically killed the Steel Master title.

For the rest of the results to see how everyone else placed, check out Practiscore!

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  1. I too had no idea there was PCC Iron and PCC Optic. Seems dumb imo. On a handgun optics distinction makes sense, on a rifle there is literally no reason to not use an optic for the sport. You shouldn’t need one, but you shouldn’t get your own class.

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