1. On pink, a self defense handgun is not a fashion accessory. Apart from what decorative colors might imply about product quality and contempt for the customer, questions that must be considered also include:
    – who besides the shooter will ever see it?
    – what message is being sent by the decoration?

    Letting too many people know you carry, by showing what you carry, is a tactical error.

    At point of use: in cases of drawing only with an intent to shoot instantly, color doesn’t matter. But if a threat encounter involves any time for the perp to reconsider, a gaudy gun presenting a message of “not serious”, or even “toy gun” would be another tactical error.

    1. Well working in retail, I am amazed how many people leave their handbag/purse in their shopping cart, and then walk away. Personally, you should never leave your purse in your cart; it should be on your body. Is it too uncomfortable to wear it all the time, well then, it’s probably the wrong choice, Kind of like buying the firearm you would not carry because it is too uncomfortable to carry comfortably daily. So, for those who carry/wear their purse all the time, a purse designed for quick access to your firearm would be just as good as a body carry, maybe even better.

  2. On point #5 while I do agree with most of the sentiment (a. Learn from someone who can really run a gun and b. Don’t be a dick particularly while a lethal weapon) I do have to point out that for most of firearms history people have passed down knowledge pretty successfully… including 95% of gun owners.

  3. Regarding purse carry: The point you didn’t make (or if you did I missed it) is that a woman’s purse is the robber’s number one target. I know of three incidents where female LEOs were targeted by purse snatchers. None of the officers had their guns in their purses. In two cases the purse snatches turned into attempted rapes and the officers were able to draw their weapons (one from an ankle holster and one from her waistband) and kill their attackers. In the third case, the purse snatch turned into an aggravated battery and the officer, while on her back on the sidewalk, drew from her ankle and shot (but didn’t kill) her assailant.
    And I still knew several female LEOs who insisted on carrying their guns in their purses. Some people’s kids, I swear.

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