Five Best Guns for Concealed Carry

Yes, this is a list video, and no I don’t feel bad about it. It is an honest assessment of the guns I regularly recommend for concealed carry. I actually end up recommending the Glock 19 a lot more than I recommend the P229, because people tend to balk at paying nearly $1,000 for a carry gun. But I like it.

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Do you prefer capitalism? That’s cool. Do you like the G-Shock I’m wearing in this video? You can buy your own here! Watches aren’t your thing? Sad. Luckily you can buy sweet Crimson Trace lasers from Amazon.


  1. You grew a sweet cop mustache but didn’t even have the common decency to wear aviators while filming this video?

    For shame, Caleb. For shame.

    1. I was gonna say, the corrolary to run your gun, not your mouth, is shave your mustache, not your head. ? Great clickbait, but all solid choices. Have you tried the Vickers racking plate for the G42? With the shallow serrations, it really improves my grip while racking the slide.

  2. Love your listing, I will have to look at the Glock 19 again. I have to agree with you on the P229 as I carry the P229 Scorpion model in 40 S&W. I did return it to the factory for the ramp polishing, action job, and SRT with one of SIG’s advertised specials. I do carry the P320C as it is lighter but more finicky in the HP ammo it likes. The P229 will eat everything I feed it . I will also carry thew Ruger SP-101 on occasion just to stay proficient and yes the range time. You will always find the P238 in a pocket! 😀

  3. Interesting choices! Great guns all. I have the 228 (got it back in the late 90’s) which is a little lighter than the 29 and for some reason feels better in my hand, love the gun but for me I never carry it a (just to heavy). I like the glocks slick sides and find the 26 to be perfect for me to carry. In my front pocket will be my P3AT that I have carried for 20+ years and it still works like a Timex. At 11 oz. loaded it is really sweet,

  4. What do you think of a eaa sar k2p pistol. I got mine for 300 dollars. it is about the same size as a glock 19. i shoot cocked and locked. Have you thought about doing a review on the mepro light ft bullseye sights for the glock???

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