1. Boxer/Pitbull? Mutt? Rarely see them with tails. Good looking dog.

    Carry this through with the other rules, it should clear up people who are either being pedantic or stubborn with the “rules”.

  2. If your sights truly can’t be or are not on the target and you shoot, you will be definition, miss the target 100% of the time. Just because your sights are not at eye level and you are not seeing your sights, doesn’t mean the sights are not on the target/aligned on the target. Body indexing and cqb point shooting is aimed fire, just not eye level sighted fire, not to mention properly zeroed lasers.

  3. The way I learned it (and the way we taught it when I was an instructor) was, “Keep your finger out of the trigger guard until you’re ready to shoot,” which is not quite the same thing.
    Our qual course contained both 3-yard point shooting and 1.5-yard “bent-elbow position” (hip) shooting. If you’re waiting for your sights to line up you’ll never make your 3 rounds from the holster in 2 seconds.

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