1. Would you be comfortable doing force-on-force training with an unloaded gun, with no physical “disabling mechanism” (training barrel on a semi-auto handgun, chamber flag or fake BCG in a rifle …)?

    Even with the no magazine, I’d be a little uncomfortable having a gun pointed at me (and would accept that people at the other end of my barrel would be a little jumpy about it too).

    1. No f***ing way. Force on Force training should only ever be done with blue guns, SIRT pistols, or sim guns. Live guns have no place in FoF.

  2. I think this rule is more hard and fast/set in stone for the newest shooter, less so for the more experienced people.
    For example:
    When I was a brand new gun owner (at 13) yeah I probably needed to be pretty strict with myself so I didn’t do something something super stupid! However at 36 years of age, with truckloads of Ammo expenditures and roughly 600 days worth of hunting experience… Yeah I’m pretty much able to be safe while using the rules as redundant guidelines.

  3. There is another interpretation of Rule 1: All guns are to remain loaded. Or, in the spirit of liberal interpretation: All guns are to remain loaded until you have a reason to unload them, such as storage or maintenance.

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