An Update, An Absence, and An ECO.

I just wanted to give a quick update.  My last article was May 5th, which in internet terms might as well be a lifetime ago.  Why?

My real job got hectic and I received an Designee Appointment from the FAA; an appointment that necessitated some out of State training.  An appointment that led to a side business opportunity, which as you can guess, takes time.  In truth, June 18th was the first time I shot a gun since May 4th.  In that time I never dry fired and I didn’t reload a single round.

Work Work Work

Work, Work, Work!

What I did do was liquidate, which leads me to the ECO update…

I sold it.  The business opportunity needed capital.  The ECO was among several firearms, and some shop equipment, that I sold to better my future.  I realize some people will be disappointed; but, frankly I bought it with my own money so I wasn’t beholden to anyone with the completion of the review.  Life happens and I don’t regret it.  As a side note, it is amazing how much money you might have lying around in rarely used equipment, gear and such.

The future?  Blog writing isn’t hard, until it is.  A 50+ hour a week job, wife, kids, side gig and general life all left me with little time to write well thought out articles.  I was hitting a wall on ideas and motivation.  When everything got crazy I had a talk with Caleb and we came to an agreement.  I will still write the occasional article, but since I am cutting WAY back, I am doing this Pro bono.  It seemed only fair.

I’ll be shocked if anyone reads this far.  Next time I’ll write about something gun related.  When might that be?  Only the Shadow Knows.


  1. Pick the Bull and take your ride. Prioritize, which you are doing. The internet will still be here 😀

  2. I look forward to your next article. I’ve been there. I haven’t published an article in a dozen years. Don’t let that happen to you. You have real talent, and it will remain; but your tools can rust with neglect. Let us hear from you as soon as things settle down a bit. Godspeed.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. Once things calm down I can get a simple routine going.

      Oh, you know what else rust quickly? Shooting skills! At the start of May I could do a 1.85 (clean and repeatable) Bill Drill with my Production gear. Last week the best I got was a 2.34, once. Yikes!

  3. Hey dude we all have to eat… And if you want/need it well that what priorities are for.

    Good luck

  4. You’re only doing what most entrepreneurial types end up doing. I respect eschewing a set of unlikely promises for a more realistic assessment of what you can offer in the near future. Keep up the good work and thanks for all your prior contributions. Go for it!

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