5 newbie CCW mistakes

This is one of those things that I had to try hard to figure out, because when I started scripting this video I had maybe three of these down pat. The biggest one for me is picking at my shirt. I actually got made not too long ago because that’s exactly what I was doing – picking at my shirt to “adjust” how it was concealing my gun. Which ones of these are you guilty of?


  1. 85-90 degrees?? That’s winter weather dude!!

    Sunday, it was 119 by 1PM

    I wear shorts all year long, I only wear big boy pants in Easter, Christmas Eve, New Years Eve and SHOT Show. I deal with concealment issues with shorts and T Shirts all year long.

    But yeah, you do have a point about all those things you mentioned^^^

  2. “Don’t let your gun define your life” This may be the best thing you’ve ever said. I am going to live my life and die with memories of family, friends and fun; not memories of condition red twitchy observation and ever present vigilance over the “sheep”. In fact, the best concealed carrier might appear to be another sheep.

    Regarding the bathroom – I carry IWB, so I take the holster off and place it inside of my pants, aimed back at the commode. Works for me and it helps keep it hid and handy at the extremely violent locales I frequent, such as Home Depot.

  3. I carry every day (Kahr PM9 in a tuckable holster). The other day in my favorite coffee shop, I got up from my seat and the PM9 fell to the floor. The floor was black and gun is small so no one noticed. The problem: one of the belt clips came loose and the holster somehow rotated 180 degrees inside my summer shorts. So now every day I check holster tension on the firearm and the screws that secure the belt clips.

    1. Look into some Ulticlips for your holster. They’re designed to clamp down on whatever they are clipped to.

  4. When I poo I take the gun out of the holster and put it on something.

    Yeah, bad, don’t do that, I know. But I’ve never once lost even my cell phone so I feel pretty confident that I’m not going to forget about the gun.

  5. I carried a blue gun for a while so I could figure some of this stuff out without doing anything dangerous or illegal. If I did something stupid the worst outcome would just have been being embarrassed.

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