Rock Island Ultra FS: 100 round challenge

The idea behind the 100 round challenge is simple: load up 10 mags, shoot 100 rounds as fast as possible. There’s no real training value to it, but there is testing value. When we subjected the Springfield Armory RO to this test, it didn’t do well. The Rock Island on the other hand passed with flying colors. That’s another objective performance metric where the Rock Island has beaten the Springfield. Weird.

So far the Rock Ultra FS 1911 in 9mm has fired 826 rounds and passed the 10-8 Performance Test. As a benchmark, Tim’s Wilson Combat was perfect at this same round count, the Springfield had failed the 10-8 Test and suffered 5 malfunctions, and of course the Taurus had also failed the 10-8 test and experienced 7 malfunctions. So far the Rock Island 1911 has passed the 10-8 test as mentioned and gone through exactly zero malfunctions of any type.

I continue to be impressed by this gun! Of course, just to make sure my biases are out there, I’m also really rooting for it. I was rooting for the Taurus too, because I absolutely want to live in a world where a budget 1911 is awesome; obviously that turned out to not really be the case with the Taurus, but things with the Rock are shaping up nicely.

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  1. Man, I guess I just got the turd in the family…a close inspection of my own Rock Island in .45 revealed an extractor that requires machine work to fix existing dimensional issues, it has failed the 10-8 extractor test multiple times and I had to end my evaluation early to prevent it from dropping into the negative points by your scale.

    It shall be going to Pahrump, although it’s entirely possible it will be going to the gunshop to be sold. I too really wanted it to work, because I’m also excited about a 500 dollar 1911 that works. Just not in the cards for my sample of one I guess.

  2. My Officer Tactical model from 2009 w/3.5″ barrel has been working just fine since I bought it. No, I didn’t do any of these tests, but it has never had a malfunction except for the slide not locking back, after I did cleaning maintenance. I took it apart and reassembled after it happened the 2nd time and it has not ever happened again. I must’ve done something incorrectly? I’ve had it apart 3x’s since, and never experienced the problem again. Other than that, for $519 + tax, it is an incredibly solid reliable handgun, that has had zero issues, no matter what brand or type of 45acp ammo I run through it. Of course, I’ve had zero issues with my Springfield 45 1911 either, though it did cost quite a bit more. I’d give both brands a big thumbs up. The Springfield is certainly a bit more finished looking and feels a bit nicer in the hand, but the RIA is like the name, a ROCK, as in rock solid. I would definitely recommend it for a low end 1911.

  3. My Metro Arms 1911 American Classic Commander I have fired as rapidly as my finger could function, I’ve shot it holding it upside down, sideways and purposely limp wristed it. So far it’s been through just under 3000 rounds and hasn’t had a failure of any kind. It’s my daily carry and goes to the range with me twice a week also. Total price tax, shipping and FFL transfer was 534 bucks. Oh, at 4000 rounds I am planning on changing the recoil spring just for grins and giggles.

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