Archangel is at it again

And this time they’re not content to shit up cheap surplus rifles like the Mosin Nagant, oh no now Archangel is coming for your beautiful, pristine Mausers.

You know, before I decided to write this post, I debated long and hard about whether or not it was worth it. You see, whenever I call out ProMag or Archangel for making crappy products, their marketing manager shows up in my comments and loses her shit. Last time she made up a whole bunch of shit that never happened, and to be honest it kind of got on my nerves. But one of the advantages of taking Gun Nuts fully independent (oh yeah, did I mention that we’re fully independent again? No strings on me) means that I can once again call a spade a spade. So let’s get on to it, because this is just awful.

terrible ad for archangel's terrible product

I mean, first let’s start with their advertising, which while oddly reminiscent of an EAA ad, lacks the sort of barking lunacy that makes the EAA ads fun. Instead you have an attractive girl in odd makeup with a hat that doesn’t really go with the product just sort of looking confused.

And then there’s the product itself. Because when I think quality, oh yeah, I think ProMag. Or Archangel. Oh wait no, I think the exact opposite of that. And believe me, if you thought I was opposed to slapping one of their crappy stocks on a Mosin, imagine how I’m going to feel about putting it on a K98? If you imagined “horrified” you’d be correct. Yes, I know there’s no permanent modification to the rifle, but that’s not the point. Mausers are special. They occupy a unique place in history, and that wood stock you’re thinking about ditching because it’s all dinged up? It earned those dings. Every single one of them. You don’t know where those scratches came from; sure they could be from the rifle being idly tossed in a crate, or maybe they’re from a German soldier, huddling in the freezing cold at Bastogne, wondering if those crazy Americans were going to start shooting again.

Rifles like that have history, and getting rid of their stocks is like taking their history away from them. It’s like buying a beautiful ’67 Camaro and then putting neon underbody lights on it. It probably wouldn’t be so bad if the stock was a well thought out, well made piece of gear. But we all know it’s not. And we all know who’s going to buy these things, and it’s universally going to be people who don’t get a hot crap about things like “history.” That’s just too bad.

In the end, I’m less offended by existence of this product than I probably should be. Yeah, it’s going to be a piece of dogshit, and yeah it’s a terrible replacement for a real stock. But what really offends me about this is the idea that you should simply throw away history and tradition, just because it’s got a few dings in it. To me? That’s more offensive than shitty advertising and garbage products combined.


  1. No permament modifications? I bet you $20 every single idiot that buys one of these will drill and tap their Mauser for scope mounts. Guaranteed.

  2. WTF?

    Ok is there market for replacement stocks? Sure when your talking about wood that’s at least 70 years old… Things break.

    Could it maybe even be synthetic? Maybe for some applications that might be alright if it follows the original lines or has some value adding features (i.e. a truck gun SKS getting a telescopic stock that actually fits me).

    But this monstrosity? Let’s face reality it’s ass ugly, the grip angle looks like it was distorted some how (was it next to an open flame at some point? If so did it melt and deform?) and that thing hanging off the bottom (looks like a curved magazine for some reason which given the fact that it’s a bolt action, why? Just why!?!? In what scenario do you expect to need more than five rounds without a chance to recharge the mag?). Look I get that some rifles can do with upgrades(nicer glass, lights, non-OEM mags etc) but exactly how is this an upgrade or even a change on the same level?

  3. Some Things are Just Not Done.
    And for the uneducated, Things that are Just Not Done is not “things that should be illegal”, nor should they be. These are the things that distinguish men from uncultured yobs.

    You don’t put ketchup on prime rib. You don’t mix 16 year old Single Malts with diet soda… or soda… or anything except a few drops of icewater. You don’t crap in your own pool. You don’t put “go fast” plastic & spinning rims on a Ferrari. And you never bolt on cheesy plastic to a Mauser.

  4. While I usually don’t post on blogs or reviews such as this, I figured I would voice my humble opinion.

    I can understand posting a review or opinion piece on something that’s been reviewed. But this product hasn’t even shipped yet. My background has been working in the firearms industry for over 20 years. I’ve designed products for Hogue, Knoxx, Blackhawk, Archangel and others. Archangel was formed by me and has a strict set of quality and performance guidelines which must meet my personal level of satisfaction. I strive to design high quality product that utilize the latest available materials and technology. I ask that before you post negative comments or opinion about any products presented by the American firearms industry that you actually handle the product. Use it in the field. Compare it to its peers. I’m a little bit at a loss for your opinion of our products given our track record. Our stocks improve handling, offer true innovation and always provide accuracy improvement over OEM equipment. I don’t believe your opinion will continue to hold any water if your reviews are performed without actual experience with the products. You may contact me directly at [email protected]

    When we begin shipping the AA98 Mauser stock, I will send you one for evaluation. I hope you will give it an honest run through its paces. I truly believe you will find this new stock well made, ergonomic, and a true improvement over existing stocks. For people who like to shoot their Mauser but want to preserve their original stock if they ever wish to sell for top dollar, I don’t think you can go wrong with our price point and features list. The included 10 round magazine will make magazine changes smooth and easy.

    Hope to hear from you soon, and I’m looking forward to your though review.

    Best Regards,

    Mike Ballard
    Director of Research and Development
    Archangel Manufacturing
    A division of Promag Industries

    1. Great points. Mike. Some people have very strict opinions on what is right and wrong for whatever reason. They have their narrow field of reference and no room for other opinions. Everyone is welcome to an opinion, but it should be just that, not an attack on others.

  5. I’m with the concept of keeping historic guns original. However, if this stock was for a Ruger American rifle or a Savage 110, I’d definitely be interested. Especially in left-handed.

  6. I haven’t read the article, I just came here to see if crazy lady was in the comments.

  7. Janelle is no longer working here. The Mauser has been sporterized more than any other rifle in history. They have been coming to the USA for decades. Many are now chambered in 30-06 and every other cartridge under the sun. Most every stock manufacturer on the planet makes at least one stock for them. Including McMillan, Boyds, and others. There are also many companies that produce NEW mauser actions NOW. Particularly… MAUSER. The fact remains the same. If you like to actually shoot your VINTAGE Mauser, our stock can effectively preserve your original furniture. It can also take a previously sporterized or newer rifle and give it superior ergonomics, solid bedding without need for glass bedding, and detachable magazines in 5, 10, and 15 round versions. Give one a try. I sincerely believe that you won’t be disappointed.

    Mike Ballard

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