SHOT Show news: derpy AR triggers and guns you can’t buy

Switching gears this morning to bring you the worst of SHOT Show, and we begin with a company called Fostech, best known for making the AK Bumpski stock, which is a fun piece of kit for turning money into smoke and noise. At SHOT, they announced their new drop in AR trigger, called “Echo.” Here’s what it is, and why it’s derp: when you pull the trigger to fire your AR, it fires a round. Then when you let the trigger reset, it fires another round! It’s such a dumb, pointless, and potentially unsafe idea I predict it will sell like hotcakes to derpy-clownshoe guys who just can’t wait to drop one into their shitty homebuild AR so they can do wicked sick double taps at the range with their idiot friends. Ugh.

Up next in red-hot derp, we have the perpetual purveyors of putrid products, Kel-Tec. Oh yes, my favorite whipping boy is bringing out three new products, which means they’ll ship two to Oleg Volk for photography and never actually send any to dealers. First up, is an NFA-ready Kel-Tec Shotgun, to which I have to ask…why? Who wanted this product? The only people who actually own Kel-Tecs are some pretend operators who throw them around padded rooms. Anyway, now they have a version that drops the capacity by four rounds and shortens it up so it’s an NFA item. It also comes with a vertical handguard that will probably shear off under vigorous operation so can pump a round into your hand!

NFA ready KSG photo courtesy Outdoor Hub, click to view their coverage
NFA ready KSG photo courtesy Outdoor Hub, click to view their coverage

They’re also introducing a new version of their Sub-2000 carbine, which is a gun I really want to like except for that fact that I’ve seen two of them blow right the hell up from out of battery detonations. But now you can blow yourself up using M&P magazines, or Sig P226/Beretta 92 mags all in the same gun! Awesome!

But really, the worst offender is this stupid trigger. It’s just dumb. It’s also potentially dangerous, but then again the sort of people who buy it probably aren’t really overly concerned with safety anyway.

I need a drink.


  1. At least from what I understand, the fire on release triggers still allow you to go to safe in the middle of a press without firing on that release. So… there is that, at least if you manage to move to safe with the trigger still pressed (kind of a difficult move!) you can avoid a mandatory shot being fired. So… it’s not as bad as it could be, which isn’t saying much… I know.

    The Keltecs are a joke. The KSG had real momentum for the two years they refused to ship them. And as soon as they did we could see why. It’s a clown shoes gun. Even if it did run right, even if it wasn’t awkard, even if it brought any real advantage to the shotgun platform, even if it wasn’t impossible to combat load, or clear malfunctions from, even if all those things went away… It’d still be a Keltec 😉

    I will give them this though…. The Cali compliant bullpup they have, not bad. I mean, hideous, and likely doesn’t work well, but it’s interesting in terms of an option for me to show to someone anti-gun as THIS is what happens when you want stupid laws.

  2. “Echo” is an apt name, as the user will be repeatedly echoing “The Gun Just Went Off” as they’re being escorted from the range.

    PT Barnum had it right.

  3. You must have missed the trigger activated weapon light for “snipers”? I thought it was a joke at first.

    Perhaps they can combine it with the Echo trigger and create a massive derp singularity from which no idiots can escape.

  4. Why do you hate Kel-Tecs? I own two, and they are really reliable, accurate, and affordable. I carry a P-32 for when I don’t want a bigger gun on my hip, sure it won’t kill dinosaurs, or hippos, but it is still a very good carry gun. I actually chose to trade for a P-11, based on size, and caliber. I like 1911’s , and have had a few. I want a Glock, and will get one, but if I leave the house, odds are a Kel-Tec will be in my pocket, or on my hip.

    1. I like the Kel-Tec P32. I wish that they would focus on making the best P32s they possibly could instead of exploring fountains of derp and making shitty guns that no one wants.

    2. One does not own “two” Kel-Tecs; one hoards both of the Kel-tecs distributed to his respective state.

  5. I keep wanting Ruger to fix the Sub-2000 and sell it, but they’d probably take away the magazine compatibility, and it’d be really nice to only have to keep two kinds of 9mm magazines (wife fell in love with the XD mod 2, and decently reliable gun with a few features I don’t like is way better than no gun).

  6. Caleb, I know that his post was about the worst stuff, but how about missing stuff? Were there any good new red dots for pistols (Production Optics) at Shot? I suspect that the answer is no, that pistol companies are moving forward but optics guys are on the last train to derpville.

  7. Ok, what is up wi the leading f in a word that starts with FI? Even the older articles have this. So follow shows correct, but fire or firearm shows as ire or irearm. I can’t think of any cause for this, unless maybe FI is an escape character or something.

    1. That’s really weird. That’s one of the things that sucks about doing site upgrades is there are always these little weird details that pop up.

      1. Even weirder, it’s not doing it on mobile and it’s not doing it in internet explorer or whatever their new browser is. Which means it’s likely an issue with chrome, which is hella weird.

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