1. Somehow they got even worse than Cory and Erika… I bet they are child-free and have pictures of their labradoodles.

    1. OMG SO BAD!!! ALL OF IT… I only made it to 0:50 before making a first comment… It’s so bad! That trigger work, the “i’m a tough guy!” moves, reloading staring down, the blank and robotic movements.

      Ah, I can’t go on! I don’t know how you made it Caleb.

  2. That robotic return from full extension, plus the head-bob 360 scan seems to be kind of endemic to the training realm. I guess it’s sort of a gun-kata kind of thing; makes it look much cooler if you do it that way. Practicality? Meh – not so much.

  3. New ClickBait! level unlocked = Jedi Master(Baiter). Congratulations Caleb!

    Worked on me. 🙂 I wish articles had a view counter so I could see the traffic generated by different kinds of content.

  4. Does it make me a bad person if I sort of got a kick out of this, in an SNL skit type of way? Sometime, shortly after the invention of youtube, I learned that not everything is cut out to be an instructional vid. As an aside, you know you have way too many G17 holsters when you come across a completely random vid via blog ‘script, and you think to yourself “Hey, I may have one of those same holsters around here somewhere…”

  5. Gun issues aside, I wonder if they have FAA approval to shoot and use all that (overused) drone footage??

  6. You have to love her tush push when she does her “scan & ASSess”! See what I did there 😉

  7. Come on, it wasn’t a bad video. I just don’t get why they only fire two shots and change magazines, or why they look left and right. But the ending, shooting at the camera was awesome. Besides, I love the fact that they’re both gun lovers.

  8. I feel bad watching this. They genuinely seem like nice people who are trying to do the right thing, but have obviously been misinformed somewhere along the way. Combine that with “much derp, so cringe”, and it’s a tough watch.

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