Taurus PT1911 update

The PT1911 now stands at 1500 rounds exactly. With the exception of the 10-8 Performance Function Test, it has run just fine. In fact, if you remove the malfunctions and the rounds fired during the two runs through the 10-8 Function Test, it’s had exactly one failure to complete its cycle of operations in 1400 rounds. Add the Function test back in and we have 7 failures in 1500 rounds.

With 500 rounds to go before we reach 2,000 I’ve prepared a proper torture test to get us there. I’m going to fire the next 500 rounds through the gun as fast as I can, only letting the gun cool to load magazines between strings. I’ll be using Winchester 124 grain NATO spec 9mm ammo for this endurance test, and I’ll make sure to capture it on film as well. I don’t actually expect this to be fun, because that kind of sustained rapid fire gets tiring, hot, and boring real quick. But at this point, with the gun performing as well as it has, I think that doing something dramatic like a 500 round sustained rapid fire session could really show us something interesting. Only one way to find out!

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