White House official twitter lies about online gun purchases

Look, I don’t care who you are, but this is just an outright lie.

If you support gun control, you should be angry that your allies in government are using tactics like this, because this is an absolute lie that can be easily disproved with about 30 solid seconds of research.

Fact: If you buy a gun online from an out of state entity, it must be shipped to a Federal Firearms Licensee in your state of resident, and that FFL must conduct a NICS background check on you before they transfer you the gun. This tweet from the White House is an absolute lie.


  1. I was about to delete this post without responding when it hit me that lies by Obama and the WH
    have become so common that I damned near ignore them. What a tragedy that is!

    I know I’m not alone. Folks have begged, pleaded, and demanded congress act.
    You know how that’s turned out. That MF remains in office.

    Now we are threatened with 4 years of Hillary. Do you think she has lied less than Obama?
    Do you think of her as a refreshing change to honesty? Me neither.

  2. Caleb,

    The following has been re-quoted by so many people but it is still true.

    “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

    ― Adolf Hitler

  3. I don’t use Twitter so I can’t respond, but did anyone on Twitter respond and call the POTUS a liar? Just curious.

  4. While I hate to defend Obama but it’s actually not a right out lie, it’s a partial lie. A person needs to go to an ffl if he buys a gun on line from a person out of state. There is no requirement to go thru a ffl and have a back ground check if you are buying in state. So a person with a felony could buy a gun online without a back ground check if he buys it in state.

    1. That’s not really true either. A lot of websites don’t actually do the sale, they simply facilitate the transaction. If a felon goes on Gunbroker and buys a gun, it still has to be shipped to an FFL dealer where he’ll fail the NICS check. The only scenario where it’s possible would be if a felon used a website to facilitate a face to face transfer with a private person, which is already fuckin’ illegal.

      1. Yea i agree. So I think to be intellectually honest we can’t say the statement is an out right lie, it’s just mostly false but there is a situation where it could happen. Just playing devils advocate here.

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