Why Is It Always The AK Guys?

“I’m like father for my students: I love you all, but do not mistake my generosity for weakness…
Bottom line, you will learn!
@Safety Nazis – just STFU. This was 100% controlled environment and at no time students were at any risk.”

This video has been making the rounds and it’s emblematic of the kind of stupid, dangerous antics that make some firearms training unnecessarily hazardous and unserious. Somehow it’s always the AK guys doing this crap.

I’m deliberately leaving the name of this “training” group out of this post to deny them the clickbait links they so crave, but a quick Facebook search of the above quote will give you the answer if you’re curious.

First, their assertion that this activity was not dangerous and that it occurred in a “controlled environment” is a lie. It was completely and utterly unsafe. Firing live rounds between tightly spaced students, who can and do move unpredictably, leaves zero margin for error. Did you see the “instructor” putting the AK on safe before sweeping his muzzle past the proned out shooters? I didn’t.

More critically, it was dangerous for no reason because the students learned nothing from the experience. There are many ways to increase stress on students without putting their lives in danger, and doing so is a vital part of instruction, but only after fundamental skills have been established. Did the students know to expect this treatment, thus deflating most of the induced stress, or did the instructor just trust they wouldn’t turn around in confusion and sweep the entire line themselves?

Adherence to safety rules is of utmost importance in training, not only because the goal of becoming a better shooter is somewhat invalidated if you end up dead or crippled, but because safe, precise, professional gun handling is critical should you ever end up in a for-real gunfight. If students internalize that it is acceptable to keep their finger on the trigger, not make use of the safety lever, violate Rule 2 and much, much else while in a “controlled environment”, they are being set up for terrible, bloody failure should they ever have to apply their “training” in an uncontrolled fight. Even if they never get into a fight, how many people are going to catch a bullet when impressionable idiots try this at their home range? Too many.

The only reason to shoot around students is for internet bravado points and clickbait. Kind of a thin reason to risk putting a rifle bullet into a paying student if you ask me. Any instructor that brags about this kind of negligence isn’t one you should waste your money and time on, or risk your life with.


  1. it’s always the AK guys because they see videos of Spetsnaz doing this bullshit and they want to be like Spetsnaz

  2. Not gonna lie, the AK is my favorite non-AR rifle. This title is stupid and clickbait.

    I think these students were probably looking for spetsnaz fantasy band camp anyway. I would have refused to participate and/or asked for my money back.

    I do thank you for omitting the name of the idiot instructor/company. I will also refrain from watching any of their videos in the future. A shame.

  3. This so called “instructor” needs his head examined. What he’s does in the video is criminally negligent.

  4. What’s particularly depressing to me about this video is that these guys produce some other decent content related to AK’s. They do tough gun reviews and consistently provide useful info on the AK platform. I absolutely won’t defend this video, but I do wonder if this is just another instance of Eastern European standards of safety and respect for human life not translating well to the US. Does anyone else remember Larry Vickers’ “INSANE Russian Counter Terror Confidence Drill” video? Clearly those guys operate from a very different perspective in regard to safety and I feel like this is a similar situation.

  5. If an “instructor” put rounds into the dirt six inches from my elbow, as I’m prone ……… he would not be doing it again. Just saying…..

  6. AK operators union! They put up such great stuff on their facebook page and youtube channel though..BLB may have a point.

  7. Rob was showing how he was taught in Poland. Plush many of the instructors at AKOU served in the Russian military. This is how they were trained. Different philosophies in training and a different weapons system. Most of the Russian military proceed through fire team drills with live rounds, shooting near or too damn close to their opposition. The AK was Soviet Block weapon, most of you AR guys can’t even load a AK magazine correctly! All these so-called keyboard warriors on here need to calm the fuck down.

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