Always observe the four rules of firearms safety…

…even if you are handling a dangerous item that isn’t a firearm:


If you are sure of your target and beyond, you don’t end up axe-ing some poor drummer minding his own business.

While we’re at it, rule 1 of firearms safety is to never point a firearm at anything you are not prepared to destroy. This would be a pretty good rule of thumb for swords, too:

If you don’t swing a sword in the vicinity of someone you have no intention of killing, you’re much less likely to chop someone’s nose off.

What you are seeing here is the result of human beings who are handling dangerous weapons (axes can be tools and weapons) casually and without critical thought…which is common behavior by human beings in general whether they are handling an axe, a sword, driving a 2 ton vehicle, or picking up a firearm. When you are handling a dangerous object/machine, always do so with your conscious mind actively participating in the process. Otherwise you end up on youtube.

Stay safe…


  1. The drunken morons doesn’t surprise me much. The planet is sadly full of them. What I find o surprising is that how anyone could have thought that having an axe throwing target set up with people directly behind it was even close to being safe. That has got to be one of the most idiotic things I have ever witnessed. I seriously hope the drummer sues the living shit out of everyone involved.

    1. How many New York media types do you think have actually had exposure to the reasons why we need to be sure of our target and beyond?

      1. Now? At least a few… Their lawyers explained it in detail for them after they saw the tapes.

  2. Good thing neither of those weapons were deployed AIWB or they would have been dangerouser. Or something.

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