Stock Gun Photo Fails

Stock photos: The 4chan of the photographic world. Of course, if one plugs the word “firearm” into any stock photo site hilarity is sure to follow. I had to make sure other people suffered with me after browsing through one such site the other day, thus I am subjecting you to the below photos.


      1. I did Most of them, my business partner did some.

        The most popular is one of Julie Golob behind the Bianchi Barricade!!

  1. My all time favorite is the HK one in the magazines where the cartridges were in the magazine backwards.

    1. But that was worse!! that wasn’t a Stock Photo, someone got paid a ton of money for that photo!!

      Normally Stock Photos don’t make much money, only via repeat sales is where we make money on them!!

      I have ONE specific photo that I have made tons of money on, but that is just ONE!!

  2. Yikes. That guy in the process of doing a behind the back draw is one tiny little finger twitch from having a second ass crack.

  3. And what exactly is wrong with the one pulling the pistol from the IWB holster wearing a brown shirt?
    3 fingers and thumb holding the grip while drawing the pistol, forefinger at the ready and NOT on the trigger.
    Looks fine to me.

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