Hornady Zombie 3-Gun Pandemic 2015

The Hornady Zombie 3-Gun Pandemic match is not one to miss, I don’t care how experienced you are at shooting. It’s a perfect set up for amateurs and a FUN set up for pros. Explosive targets, full auto, soda can gun… Have I convinced you yet? What about a costume contest? Will that help?

One of the coolest parts of this match for me personally was being able to bring some of my friends who have never seen a shooting match before out. It was great for them from a spectator standpoint because of the reactionary targets, the obvious theme, and the sheer mild insanity of the whole thing (that’s how you know I like something, when I mention it’s a little insane).

They had some cool sponsor booths set up spectators could participate in as well. From zombie face painting (XS Sight Sytems) to throwing knives (Cabelas) to shooting an exploding target with a suppressed shotgun (SonicBoom).

The stages included a wobbling bridge, more exploding targets, a gun that shot soda cans at a plate rack, a close-range forest scenario, a graveyard (complete with funny headstones, of course), a gutted helicopter… You get the idea.

Each stage comes with its own scenario, of course, these are zombies we’re fighting. For example: “Back at basecamp, you heard rumors of an old communications center. A chance to communicating with other survivors is worth the risk, so you set out to find this communication center. Your journey is successful and you soon stumble on the site. The array looks damaged, but you forge ahead to see if you can get a message out and hopefully find out that you and your group are not alone. You see zombies moving about but they have never stopped you before and today will be no different. Use your shotgun and pistol to clear a path and let other survivors know they are not alone! ”

All in all, it was a silly, fun, good time, that will certainly displease any srs gunfighters who like to complain about how matches don’t teach you any skills for the real world.

Be sure to check out the full write up in the next issue of GunUp the Magazine. Until then, here’s some photos:


  1. Last I checked, this is all supposed to be for fun. Glad to see something like this out these and hear that it was a good time.

  2. Whoa…..mistakenly read that as “…..full auto soda can gun….”
    Punctuation is great when you actually read it…..

  3. A full-auto soda (that’s actually POP) can gun would violate the NYC ban on overconsumption of soda/pop and therefore couldn’t exist in Nebraska, right?

  4. THAT is how you run a zombie match. Often times they’re just an IDPA match with an extra gun and cardboard targets with green heads, and it’s treated like any other mundane match.

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