Bianchi Cup 2015: Anita Mackiewicz

I was chided the other day for not mentioning Anita Mackiewicz in my post. The truth is, I knew she was doing well, I didn’t realize how well she was doing. Anita did a lot more than take home the Ladies’ Championship at this year’s Bianchi Cup. In my mind, she’s changed how women at the Bianchi Cup need to approach winning, because one of these years, one of the upcoming years, they’re going to start cleaning it – and then next thing you know the Ladies’ Championship and the Overall Championship won’t be so different. That’s what I want to see.

I’m all excited about this because Anita posted a score of 1916. Out of 1920. 1916-166X. She came in 7th overall. That’s tremendous, it’s exciting. We were all rooting hard for her to clean the match, but there’s always next year. No pressure, right? (Sorry, Anita.)

To put it in perspective, second place Ladies’ Champion and former Junior Champion Tiffany Piper shot an 1899, coming in 34th overall. Third place Ladies’ Championship and multiple-time Ladies Champion Jessie Duff shot a 1897 and came in 37th overall.

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  1. “In the Women’s race, Jessie Duff shot a flawless Barricade, Tiffany Piper only dropped a couple 8s while Maggie Reese shot some 5s. Maggie will have to clean the Practical today to get back in the running, while Tiffany and Jessie battle it out on the Mover. Vera Koo is also shooting well this year, I’ll be keeping an eye on her today as well.”…

    Looks like you missed the forest for the trees… or were just watching the big names and missed that long shot on the inside…

    Looking forward to seeing the rest of your photos… good stuff…

    Dann in Ohio

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