2015 Bianchi Cup: Day 2

Yesterday was better – a lot better. The sun was shining, it was absolutely beautiful out. And I made all my shooting times. And there were definitely holes in all my targets. It was a good day.

Rob Leatham shoots the Barricade stage at the 2015 Bianchi Cup.

In the Production race, Rob Leatham cleaned up on the Barricade, while Enoch Smith and Dave Sevigny both dropped points. If Rob can clean the plates today, the Production championship will be his, but we’ve seen Rob Leatham drop plates in the past, so the match isn’t over yet.

In the Women’s race, Jessie Duff shot a flawless Barricade, Tiffany Piper only dropped a couple 8s while Maggie Reese shot some 5s. Maggie will have to clean the Practical today to get back in the running, while Tiffany and Jessie battle it out on the Mover. Vera Koo is also shooting well this year, I’ll be keeping an eye on her today as well.

Tim Yackley appears to be leading the Junior shooters just ahead of Colton Cerino. Louis Surgi had some major points down early in the match (to be honest, I don’t remember what happened, I believe it was a gun malfunction) and is essentially out of the running.

Bruce Piatt had some extreme gun problems early in the match, so Doug Koenig and Kevin Angstadt are battling over Xs. Right now, my money is on Doug, but in this game you never know what’s going to happen.


  1. Is Bianchi the sort of thing a neophyte could try, or is it mostly industry shooters who do it well? Looks like a lot of inside basball from here.

    1. Matt,

      The Bianchi Cup is an open entry match. Sign up and go shoot! It is definitely one of the funnest pistol matches that I have shot in my shooting career!

      You will see a lot of pro shooters there. There’s big money awarded to the winners, so it draws a lot of talent to the event. That’s a big part of the enjoyment (at least for me) – being able to shoot the same courses of fire as the best shooters in the world and see how you stack up against them. It’s also a lot of fun to hang out on the practice range with that caliber of shooter. You get to learn quite a bit just listening to them talk and watching them shoot.

      If you have the opportunity to go shoot it next year, DO IT! I just wish I could have gone back to it this year.

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