SIG Sauer P239: The gun I’ve always wanted (and have never bought)

P239_SAS_Nitron_L_sm-FWhat does it say that I’ve always wanted a P239, but I’ve never bought one? I didn’t want one that bad? There was no story to go with it? I don’t know. It’s always in the back of my mind though. An all-metal single stack 9mm with a DA/SA trigger is a bit of a departure from my regularly preferred plastic fantastics, but I’ve always had a soft spot for this.

Do you have a gun you want but have never gone out of your way to add to the collection?


  1. Ive owned and carried a 239 for 5-6 years, that being said became a huge fan of sigs…real sigs not those sp series. Need me a 226 with the e2 grip but still havent bought one even tho ive built a rifle, customized a shotgun and bought a 238 recently for a light weight ccw. The list is always changing…

    1. The SP or Sig Pro series are very much real Sigs and probably one of the most underrated pistols under $500. Most Sig collectors have one in their stable. They also have one of the smoothest factory DA triggers out there as well. I have owned 3 239’s and sold them all, regretting later each sale.

  2. Not many like that, except maybe an LMT LM308MWS or similar LMT product. I do however have some pistols I’ve purchased, only because they seemed like a bargain and now I rarely shoot them; most of them are polymer. I prefer steel or alloy/steel combinations over polymer most of the time.

  3. Ruger 10/22, there always seems to be something else I want more that pops up. I actually went out specifically to buy one, but stopped by a pawn shop on the way to the LGS, and walked away with a NIB M1a for a smoking deal I could not say no to, oh well 10/22’s will be around for a long time.

  4. I’m right there with you on the P239. Love my other Sigs–an M11A1 and a P226.

  5. Mine was a Beretta 92, first gun I ever wanted. Finally ended up getting one (92G, specifically) last month

  6. M1917 Revolver .45ACP with a bucket load of half moon clips. This revolver has always fascinated me and I hope to get one someday.

    I have a Sig 239 (.357Sig & .40S&W barrels) and before the S&W Shield in 9mm came out I would carry it in a belly band at the 1 O’Clock position. Love the sleek single stack and the .357Sig makes me all warm and yummy on the inside.

    Get one….hell, get two!

  7. I had a Sig P239 SAS with the short reset trigger. The gun was a tank (I mean “tank” in a good way.) (Ya never know who you may offend). I started IDPA with the P239 & it never failed me, no stops to report with 3000 rounds through it.

    I traded it for a HK P2000sk which I also love. The HK could hold 10+1 so I use it in SSP. The Sig was only 8+1. Now that IDPA has the CCP division. I wish I kept the SIG P239. It is the one gun I regret letting go.

    (However, I do NOT regret getting the HK P2000sk. This gun has been a champ with just over 7000 rounds and no stops of any kind. FYI you can run P30 mags through it. I’ve put in over 2000.)

    I digress. To your original post, I agree with you…the Sig P239 is an excellent gun!

  8. CZ 550 Safari in .458 Lott, just incase I get charged by a Cape Buffalo in NE PA. I held it in my hands at Cabelas, but couldn’t justify it…

  9. STI 2011 in 9mm. Because 1911s should be in forty damn five. And moneys…

    Vz-58 with SBR stamp. But with the last season of Strike Back coming on, I may give in…

  10. A good MP5 clone is at the top of my “Want, but haven’t put forth the effort to get” list.

  11. An M1 garand. Every time I watch Band of Brothers or Saving Pvt. Ryan or The Longest Day……or if I am watching a cooking show, or mowing the lawn for that matter….i guess I really need to get me a Garand rifle. It must be time.

  12. And about the Ruger 10-22. You NEED one. Trust me on this. Go to any pawn shop, if the stock is chipped, ask Ruger politely for a factory wood stock. They mailed me one for free so would have a stock I could chop down for my 7 year old boy. They mailed free shipping even. Ruger has the best customer service ever. If only I could find ab American lawnmower company like that.

  13. A nice, blued S&W .357 revolver- a mod 27 6″ for preference, but a nice 19 would work.
    A nice blued Colt 1911 in .38 Super would be up there as well.

  14. A S&W Model 25 in .45 Colt. I went to trade for it and some bastard had the temerity to pay full asking price for it.

  15. I love my p239 and my sp2022. The only fake Sig is the mosquito. The mosquito is the only gun I regret buying. I should have listened and bought a Ruger Mark 3 or 22/45.

    As far as guns I want but haven’t bought, I have a hankering for a sp101 and gp100, but keep buying semi autos instead.

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