Sevigny Performance Sights for the GLOCK 43

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Red clay? Must be in the South.
Red clay? Must be in the South.

I strongly dislike the stock sights that come on GLOCK pistols. Fortunately, there are tons of options out there and, well, this is my option of choice: Sevigny Performance. Designed by this guy you may have heard of: Dave Sevigny. I like to think he knows what he’s doing with this whole gun/sights thing.

They’ve released their sights for the GLOCK 43, and it’s a fun opportunity for me to diagnose what I like so much about them. The first thing to realize is that Sevigny Peformance has a line of sights, so there are different options for competition, carry, etc. For the GLOCK 42 and 43, they’ve created a set of tritium night sights. It’s a two-dot system and it’s glowy.

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender_1How accurate are they? Well, check out these three shots I pulled and the four I didn’t (“That was at 7 yards? Don’t you have Bianchi Cup next week?” Yes, yes, you’ll find me in a ball under that little table by the Practical at the practice range crying.):

I need to shoot more.
I need to shoot more.

So… You can see the sights at night, I love the two-dot system for carry because it’s fast, they’re accurate, and designed by someone who knows what he’s doing. Big fan. They can stay.

Side note: I also have Sevigny Peformance sights on my competition FNS and one of my M&Ps.


  1. Have tried any of the compact dot sights. If you have what did you think?

    1. I have tried the XS Big Dots, if that’s what you’re asking about. I actually really like them, it’s really quick and easy to get a sight picture. I’m not about to put them on my Bianchi gun, but for a carry set up they’re great.

  2. Hadn’t seen a 2-dot system till now (I don’t do comp shooting), so how do you line them up?

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