Revolver Tour #8: Smith & Wesson 625

smith & wesson 625

This isn’t my first 625. It’s not my second, either. This gun marks the 3rd time I’ve saddled up for one of these N-frames, and it will be the last time…because I’m not going to sell this one a fit of stupidity like I did the other two. My current foray into 625-dom is someone’s once-loved USPSA gun, sold when USPSA revolver killed the 625 by allowing 8 shot minor guns (a decision I support, btw).

The 625 was actually the first gun I made IDPA Master with, approximately 100 years ago in a different life, in a different place. I still remember that classifier: it was February, there was snow on the ground, and I shot great. That’s the first shooting memory I have of “perfect” moments – where your sights are always right, the trigger’s always good, and reloads are always perfect. Just one of those great days. The 625 was my first real taste of revolver competition shooting, and I liked it. I did eventually sell that gun, bought a replacement, and sold that one too because I was focusing on SSR and speedloader guns.

Smith & Wesson 625 cylinder open

My new 625 was the definition of a gunbroker impulse purchase. I was browsing, saw a dude letting his gun go for a song, and thought “why not?” It’s had some WECSOG work done to it, the action has been lightened pretty considerably, the front sight’s been painted (which I like) and the hammer has been bobbed. All of these are probably good things, unless the compromise reliability. It should be fine though, what’s the worst that can happen? I did add some Crimson Trace N-frame grips to this gun, because it just seemed like the thing to do. Sadly, this gun will likely soon become an artifact of past gamerdays. As mentioned, USPSA killed the 625 with 8 shot minor guns, and IDPA is following suit by eliminating ESR division. Too bad, because big bore revolvers are cool. I’ll make sure to hold on to this one though.

smith & wesson 625 crimson trace


  1. I actually had two 625 revolvers at one point: one I bought at full price new, and one I got for $650 that had been shot in 2 classifiers. I thankfully was able to sell off one of those for close to what I’d paid for when it looked like that rule change was definitely going to happen. The one I actually shot in matches, however, will never go away.

  2. My 625 sits in the living room, to repel boarders. (On certain weekends, it goes with me to IDPA matches, just because!) With the laser grips, I assume yours has a certain purpose, also…..

    1. Officially, ESR is going away. While word on the street is that they’re merging, there hasn’t been word from HQ yet on what that will look like. I’ll personally hold off my opinion until then. :/

  3. I have a very old, and fairly immaculate, Model 25 – 2.

    I bought the S & W PC Model 627 around 10 years ago when it first came out and before the Jerry Miculek 4″ revolvers were introduce.

    I definitely plan to pick up the Model 929.

    Thanks for the review.

  4. Picked one up from a fellow forum member that was a 3″, had a 5″ bbl installed (still have the 3″ tube), and had been converted to .460 Rowland. Goes nicely with my 1911’s and my .460 Rowland conversion Springer.

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