I like wheelguns

All the revolvers

I like wheelguns. You might have guessed that from reading the blog, but I hadn’t really thought about the scope of it until yesterday when a reader asked me on FB to post a photo of the round gun collection.

I was actually thinking about selling some revolvers recently! But then I went through them and realized I didn’t want to sell any of those guns. I mean come on, which one would you sell? The badass 625 with Crimson Trace laser grips? The j-frames? I couldn’t even sell one of the three GP100s, because those are my main match guns for IDPA. Maybe I could sell one of the two Security Sixes…but one of them is kind of rare, and the other one has been worked on by Clark Custom guns. Yeah, not selling that.

For whatever reason, I have a lot harder time selling revolvers than I do semi-autos. Maybe it’s because an auto is just a tool to me – something that goes in a holster for a specific purpose and never really gets loved. Wheelguns on the other hand…wheelguns are special.


  1. Like me, it looks as though you aren’t a big fan of finger-groove hand grips.

    1. I am not. The only gun that has finger grooves is the humpback Security Six, and that’s because the Mustang grips on that gun fit my fingers perfectly.

      1. I suppose the definition of finger groove is subjective, but it appears as though there are 4 possibly 5 with somewhat of a finger groove of sorts. Nice collection either way.

  2. I am certainly no gunsmith but I have always wondered why the ‘powers that be’ have never(at least to my knowledge ) made a single action wheel gun with a swing out cylinder.

  3. I love the wheelguns and it’s actually how I first got to reading your stuff: not too much out there for revolver training and it was fun to learn from and watch somebody do it well.

    Speaking of “obsolete” firearms…I’m waiting on your comments regarding the Army’s rejection of the M9A3 gambit from Beretta…..

    1. Let’s all wait and see what happens when the Congress in turn rejects the Army’s “we want a new handgun” gambit.

      1. Do GOP congresses have a long track record of telling the armed forces “No” in such midrange price ticket items? I honestly don’t know. The fight over bases closings is always fierce. A few big ticket weapons systems have been shot down in the last couple decades. Others are untouchable though they are probably obsolete in modern warfare (blue water navy with big floating cruise missile targets). But the desired new hand gun is middling in price as far as Big Gov goes and has an angle of “give our boys in uniform what they want.” And the GOP is the wing of the Big Gov elites that votes for Warfare/Welfare as opposed to the Dem branch which, of course, favors Welfare/Warfare.

        All in all…I think that spells a new hand gun for the Army.

  4. Dang Caleb, I thought that I had it bad for revolvers! My wife has threatened an intervention, but after seeing what is in your safe, she relented! Thanks!!!!

  5. Caleb,
    You used to own a Model 60 Pro. Any insight as to why you keep all these around but got rid of that specimen?

    1. Because I’m an idiot and sold a really great gun. Actually, three really great guns when I think about it. That Model 60, my 686SSR, and a 627 Pro Series.

      1. What? You sold a 686SSR and a 627 Pro? Next thing you’ll tell me is that you had a 66 and sold it as well, or a 686-4!

  6. I’m trying to figure out an accurate revolver for 15-25yd slow fire shooting and can’t make up my mind if I should find an old SW or splurge on a new competition oriented SW or match champion Ruger. Which one out of your collection would you use for that role?

    1. Of the guns there, for pure 25 yard accuracy shooting I’d probably go with one of the Security Sixes, second choice would be the 986 or 929. But really, any medium or large frame revolver in 9mm or .38/.357 with adjustable sights will do for bullseye.

      1. “… any medium or large frame revolver in 9mm or .38/.357 with adjustable sights MADE BY S&W OR RUGER with adjustable sights will do for bullseye.”

        Fixed it for you.

  7. Hello Caleb,

    Beautiful collection of revolvers. I can’t tell for sure, is the stainless one in the upper right a S&W 629? If it is, how many total rounds have you put through it and have you had any issues with problems, malfunctions, or durability?

    I have both Smith’s and Rugers, and I like them both. I did have a SW 627 PC. Best trigger I have ever had on a DA revolver, absolutely gorgeous revolver. But it locked up solid twice with factory 357 in the cylinder. I sent it back to S&W a couple of times for it locking up. I am not sure why it was doing that. S&W did take care of me however, then sent me a check for the full price of the revolver. That makes me suspect of internal locks-I would be hesitant to have one on a defensive sidearm. One the other hand, I have an old SW 586 that I bought 25 years ago, and it still runs like a champ.

    I would be interested in hearing your experiences of your Smiths and Rugers in terms of issues they have had.

    Best Regards,


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