Winning “hearts and minds”

I’m not going to lie, this video made me kind of like the CSGV. They were at least able to laugh at themselves and the tweets, and in so doing made the people doing the tweeting look like a bunch of lunatics. Way to win hearts and minds, our side. With apologies to Bob Owens, who is not a lunatic.


  1. This is brilliant. Because of GIFT*, one is always assured a steady supply of jerks, fools, knaves, and idiots writing free material for your cause. And ever single cause gets these kind of nasty tweets, post, comments, et al.

    Kind of like how the rabid OC people are giving the anti’s free photo ops and test cases.

    *Greater Internet F-wad Theory

  2. In order to win hearts and minds it isn’t enough to be right, you have to maintain the moral high ground. Alas, it is sooo easy to fall off that ground. Especially when you want to lean over and smack the trolls and ijits on the back of the head.

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