Photo of the day: Earl Harbinger gets an upgrade


Fans of Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter International series will know that the best character in the books, Earl Harbinger carries a Smith & Wesson 625 revolver as his go-to sidearm, usually accompanied by a Thompson SMG as his primary. I don’t know if Earl has Crimson Trace lasers on his 625…but he should.


  1. Awesome. Once I feel that I’ve mastered the Glock I will probably invest in some quality da steel revos and go that route.

  2. Not to detract from the awesomeness of your 625, but I’m pretty sure Earl packs a 2.5″ barrel… probably with wood grips because he’s old school. For those of us without supernatural eyesight, CT grips FTW.

  3. Want. Soon as a spare thousand or so becomes available. Which should be after that unicorn craps coins in the front yard.

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