Fun with the Umarex NXG-APX

Our friends at Umarex sent us a care package the other day, their new NXG-APX. It’s a pump-action air rifle that shoots pellets or BBs, and it harkens me back to my old Crossman Pumpmaster that I had when I was a child. Except now it’s all polymer and awesome looking, and made by the German wizards in Arnsberg. Nothing kills office productivity faster than a care package that you can safely shoot indoors.


First we shot some change. George got it the worst, with a perfect, dead center hit. Lincoln just can’t catch a break, getting shot in the back of the head…again.

Then we shot an aluminum bottle full of water, and filmed it at 480 FPS

And here’s the gun itself.

umarge nxg

There’s no moment more dangerous than the one where you realize “I am the adult supervision.” Thanks for the awesome rifle, Umarex!


  1. Were there two of you shooting? At the time of impact there appears to be two pairs of spray-outs.

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