1. Not much different than the S&W 66 and a Bianchi pancake holster that I was using 35 years ago. Still have them.

  2. Did someone say “1985”?. I remember that year (I Think). That was when I bought my Charter Arms Stainless 3″ in .44 Auto Rim with a Galco holster. Also, my hair was still Brown then, I was eating big doses of Greasy food on a regular basis. I didn’t even know the word DIET meant not eating big meals and greasy food. It was a Great Year (I Think I remember that too). I still have the revolver and the holster but, haven’t shot it in years . After seeing your Picture of the Rig and revolver I want to shoot it again Right Now– I guess I’d better wait until I get to the Range first. To many Barking Dogs on my Block; Including mine.

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