1. Maybe I’m just ignorant, but I always thought that being able to do fast, reliable reloads “on demand” was one of the premier facets of expert gun-handling. You shoot IPSC, so I’m sure that you’ve learned (and honed) this skill on the gravel at your favorite USPSA club.

    While my favorite division is OPEN … because I can’t see those iron sights all that well in my dotage … I shot my Kimber with 8- and 10- round magazines last Saturday. Yep, I can still do the reloads, but I had forgotten that it’s not a good idea to jam a 10-round mag in a slide-locked singlestack. (I took a zero on that stage!)

    Sometimes it’s not the reloads that screw you … usually, it’s the fact that if you don’t practice it often, you forget the “Devil in the Details” thingie.

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