1. Bad Company Tactical has a holster system it would work on. In fact you could actually draw it and holster it as easy as any other pistol on the market with their R2S.

    1. You can buy a crappy Mauser for $200 and safely do this to it!! NOT all Mausers found out there are Priceless Collectibles!!

      1. Hmm. Good to know! I assumed they were all pretty rare. Even if it’s in terrible shape, you still have the purists that would stone you for putting a sporter stock on a Mosin you paid $40 for.

        1. I have seen Rust Bucket Mausers that have had their Barrels Bored out and sleeved in 9mm!!

          This is a super cool way to make that POS Mauser into something Super Cool!!

  1. I like it. Tacticool? Oh definitely. But being a Broomhandle Mauser catapults it into Star Warsy greatness.

  2. That doesn’t appear to be a toy to me. Looks like a Mauser Schnellfeuer 712; a select-fire/full-auto version of a C96. I believe this is a real NFA weapon, though highly-customized.

  3. Everyone who thinks this is a real gun must not be familiar with the ” search google for this image” function.

  4. Charter Arms made a modern version of the broom handle Mauser in .22 cal. It was the Charter Arms Explorer II pistol. Very rare to find one.

  5. Casual Observer — It’s a kitbashed mod of a toy (or airsoft) Mauser Schnellfeuer 712.

  6. No way is that Derp – that’s frickin’ AWESOME. I mean if it had a frickin’ laser beam and was a shark it would be unbeatable. As it is, I’ll take three of them – real or airsoft, because cool.

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