1. Step one: Live in a temperate climate and wear a jacket/sport coat/blazer/vest (not-photographer or “tactical style”)/appropriate (collared) untucked casual shirt year round.

    Wait, you mean for everyone. 😉

  2. Like your new GP 100. I had one of the older models and sold it. Not sure that was the right thing to do, however I am pleased with the S&W M66. It is concealable, and carries well in a Masters Leather pancake holster. No different than sporting a fs 1911, IMO.

    Enjoy your revo videos.

  3. I wear a construction type back brace with a horizontal holster sewed on the back of. Comfortable in any position with my glock mod. 20 and not noticeable with a baggy shirt. I also have a pouch made in my fat belly aka kangaroo, with a nylon zipper to carry an extra mag.

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