Midnight 3-Gun is around the corner!

One of the coolest matches of the year is right around the corner, and I’m excited to get the chance to head out and shoot the Crimson Trace M3GI again. It’s basically the only 3-gun match I shoot each year, and I like to use it as an opportunity to test guns and gear that I’d use in an actual self-defense situation. This year I’ll be shooting my Troy Defense Lamb Carbine, my Remington 870 Magpul FDE, and (probably) the HK VP9.

Remington 870 magpul FDE

Crimson Trace puts on a great match, the facilities are excellent, the stages are fun, and the added element of shooting in the dark actually makes the match a lot more applicable than most other 3-gun matches. Let’s face it, if I ever have to shoot someone with a shotgun, it’s probably going to be at 2am when they’re kicking down the door of my condo. If I can get my defensive gear set up to hit a clay bird 10 yards away at 2am, hitting a person shouldn’t be a problem.

The question for you, dear readers is this: what coverage would you like to see from M3GI? It’s actually…kind of a difficult match to cover as a reporter, because it’s in the dark. So there’s not a lot of great photography, and video is similarly difficult. That’s why I’m open to suggestions. What would you like to have us make? Podcasts? Photos during the day, and some stuff from the night? This one is all your court, gunternet. Make it count!


  1. Definitely some podcasts. Maybe talk about what lights worked and what didn’t, and what accessory lights people used. Kinda like your new wristlight.

  2. I’d prefer a vid. Perhaps focus on an after action review of stage layout and strategy (the seeables) and give only brief coverage of the action (the unseeables).

  3. Video with commentary and annotations (show stage layout and such) would be great.
    Podcasts on gear and strategy would also be fun.

    Hopefully thats not too much work to ask for.

  4. Never heard of infrared video? I’ve got a Sony night shot video camera that I’ve had for mabey 10 years, it takes video in total darkness with a built in IR illuminator, add an IR floodlight or 2 and you should be able to video just like it was lighted without any visible light. I’m sure they must have a newer version of this….
    Mine is in HI8mm tape format.
    And nothing beats a video……

  5. Go late in the afternoon to prescout the stages. Do some video during the daylight to highlight the course then maybe a few quick nightshots.

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