1. Have an Officers model 45 that has been nothing short of flawless for the past 4 years; just over $500+tax. It’s not a showpiece, but it’s certainly a reliable & affordable 1911.

  2. I bought that exact pistol at the end of may and I’ve got 1,615 rounds through it. I love to shoot it, but it hasn’t been flawless by any means. Initially I was getting premature slide-lock which a Wilson Hardcore slide-stop cured. I then started getting failure to extract after a few hundred more rounds, examined the extractor, it appeared to be a bit too rounded, so I installed a Wilson HC extractor and that too went away. Then I tried Gold Dot HP 124gr & Winchester Ranger T 147gr HP ammo and got failure to feed, I’m pretty sure I could tell you the age of their machinery by counting the machine marks on the feed ramp. A polish of the feed ramp with 240 grit, then 600 grit emery and now the pistol runs as it should with ball and HP ammo.

    My main gripe of the RIA pistols isn’t that they don’t know how to build a nice shooting handgun, every one of them I’ve shot was accurate, except one that shot low and needed adjusting. The small parts seem to be lacking in quality. For $400, I’m willing to finish the gun for RIA and like I said, I LOVE shooting this gun.

    FYI, I’ve run Wilson and Metalform 10rd mags along with the single SA 9rd mag.

  3. Better yet, buy the 9mm/22 TCM version for $100 more and have 2 guns! And its a doublestack!

  4. I have had a 9mm RIA 1911-A1 (single stack), that ran okay after some tweaking on the extractor. I had a 9mm RIA 1911-A2 (double stack) that ran like a top, including passing the 10-8 extractor test. Value for the dollar in my experience has been good with RIA. Mike Seeklander is running some of their guns now too. I am running one of their ultra-cheap revolvers to see how it hold up right now.

  5. My dad owns their 1911A2 9mm/22TCM (double stack) convertible. I love shooting that thing in 9mm. 22 TCM is a little hard to find, but it’s not overly remarkable.

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