1000 yard revolver shot with Jerry Miculek

Of course it’s Jerry Miculek. Of course it’s 1000 yards. Ridiculous. Amazing. This is what a lifetime of practice and training gets you: superhuman abilities. I couldn’t make that hit in 2 shots with a rifle from a bipod, and Jerry just whacks it with a wheelgun carrying an itty bitty red dot.


    1. As far as accuracy goes, absolutely! I choose Hornady XTP and FTX bullets whenever I know I need the most accurate bullet I can get.

    2. Hornady HAP bullets are pretty darn nice too.
      Now, if only Hornady made a 147 grain version…

  1. Great to see him do it standing and double action. And, with finger grooves on the grip too!

    I would love to see Jerry shoot a 5 shot group at 100 yards with the 929. He should add test to all of his pistol testing.

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