1. What a great picture. Is that his little head still in tact up top?

  2. Caleb, for someone willing to call other folks fools as much as you do, putting this picture into my RSS feed was just idiotic. Have you always been this stupid, or have you been taking lessons?

    1. Good one Bobby Nations, reminds me of a Cyndi Lauper song title: “True Colors . . . Shining Through” but that’s as far as the relationship with the songs’ words goes.

    2. I didn’t put anything in your RSS feed. If you don’t like the free content, you’re free to read someone else’s blog.

      1. If only that were true. The RSS feed published by gunnuts.net doesn’t separate out by writer. Therefore, if I want to read articles from Tim or Gabby, then I get yours as well.

        There are few things that turn off the non-shooting public like graphic depictions of animals dying; especially otherwise cute and furry one. These types of images are very detrimental to winning their hearts and minds. For example, Al Quackenbush reported yesterday [http://www.gunnuts.net/] that bowhunters in Long Beach, CA lost the ability to use 3D targets at El Dorado Park Archery Range because someone complained about their use because it depicted animals being hurt. A single complaint about foam targets shaped like animals was enough to cause the range master to ban their use forevermore. It sucks for folks living in that area, but I mention it to illustrate that images are powerful things.

        As you so elegantly pointed out in your essays on open carry, we are ambassadors to the non-shooters around us. Just like they don’t want to see rifles in the checkout line, they also really, really don’t want to see folks chortling over bloody animals. So, this type of picture most emphatically doesn’t help. As my Dad used to tell me, it takes a whole lot of attaboys to cover up for one oops.

          1. Humans aren’t fluffy either and there are many disgusting disease ridden ones, how coincidental is that?

  3. Bobby, I think you need some lessons in distinguishing “awesome” from “foolish”.

  4. Yeah sorry, I don’t want to see this sort of thing. Show me nice pictures of guns and stuff, not gruesome images of creatures (vermin or not) being blown apart. If you want to continue to post these types of images at least have some sort of warning with a click-through to see the image.

  5. I’d rather not see this sort of thing, either. This reinforces the meme that gun owners are bloodthirsty psychopaths itching for the chance to kill. Think about any portrayal, in books or movies, of a psychopath as a child, and their hobbies always include killing cats or frogs or birds in some gruesome way just for fun. That’s how this photo makes gun owners look, except we’re not kids with a pocket knife or firecrackers, we’re well-armed adults. The significant part of this isn’t how disgusting or insignificant you feel prairie dogs are, it’s that this is killing simply for the fun of killing. That’s pretty much the definition of psychopathy. Photos like this make it far too easy for antis to paint us all as bloodthirsty psychopaths, and that’s simply not who most of us are.

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